Demonstration of DVTEL’s Latitude iPad Application with Google Earth

DVTEL CEO: The evolution from analog to IP Video Surveillance is more than just catching the bad guy

In this video, President & CEO Yoav Stern discusses how companies can leverage IP video technology to run a more efficient and reliable operation.

DVTEL’s industry first CCTV mobile app

Regional Sales Manager for DVTEL, Western USA-Canada, Victor Biberston demonstrates the Award Winning app – TruWitness™

DVTEL Housing Projects

Two men accused of shooting and killing a bartender were also booked for shooting another man an hour later the murder. Thanks to DVTEL’s crystal clear surveillance video in the Iverville Housing Development, the two cases were tied together and the suspects were incarcerated.

St. Louis Airport Tornado Footage caught by DVTEL’s Smart Security Solution

DVTEL security cameras caught the beginnings of a tornado that made its way through the Lambert Airport in St. Louis.

Yaron Zussman Shows Smart Security Solution at IFSEC 2011

DVTEL presents their Hybrid VMS video software for the CCTV system at IFSEC 2011. DVTEL’s Yaron Zussman shows how the VMS software works while using HD IP-cameras.

Yaron Zussman Shows iPad Application at IFSEC 2011

DVTEL shows how the Hybrid VMS video software for CCTV can be used on the iPad 2. Both live video and recorded video can be seen while the option of controlling the cameras can be done by just downloading an application.

Paul Smith Talks what’s New at DVTEL at ISC West 2011

DVTEL’s executive Vice-President Paul Smith talks with Beth Blake, the Public Relations Director at ISC West about the company, new products that DVTEL has to offer and the future of DVTEL at the ISC West Show in Las Vegas.

Paul Smith Talks what’s New at DVTEL at ISC West 2011-Part 2

Paul Smith continues to talk about the product road map for DVTEL. The main goal for DVTEL is to integrate their great IP cameras with its world class video analytics and merge the two together. Users will have a far greater selection of platforms to run those video analytics on in the future.

DVTEL 3D CCTV on regular IP cameras

DVTEL presents new 3D technology that can be used on regular HD cameras at IFSEC 2011.

Inderjit Sehrawat talks DVTEL India at IFSEC India 2011

Inderjit Sehrawat talks about the offerings of DVTEL and its growth in India.