A&Es & Consultants

DVTEL A&Es / Consultant Partners Program

We put a high value in building relationships at DVTEL and we look forward to working with you as we develop our Security Consultant/A&E Program. The vision for our program is to provide you, the architects, engineers and security consultants with the information you need when designing an end-to-end security solution for your customers.

The DVTEL advantage is the ability to provide a full solution, from system design, to the software and hardware required for the build, to any customization you may require. We develop and provide all aspects of the full solution, however, if all you require is the hardware, for example, we are happy to help.

As a registered partner, you have access to technical design documentation, online webinars, educational seminars, and the opportunity to participate in regional roadshows and events.

Our partner program will give you access to project best practices, system design recommendations, budgetary estimates, and a network of integrators and technology partners in your region who can work hand-in-hand to deliver the project on time and on budget.

Our documentation library gives you the resources you require to complete your system specification – from A&E specifications to user manuals, the materials you need are at your fingertips.

We appreciate your patience as we build and refresh our documentation library. For anything you cannot find online today, contact Stephen Grein, Director, Consultant Practice at sgrein@dvtel.com or +1-201-708-9895.