ioi Video Analytics

ioi™ from DVTEL
The industry’s most reliable intrusion detection and object tracking solutions
Outstanding analysis improves safety and security

ioi Video Analytics

DVTEL’s ioimage® Intelligent Video Analytics have won numerous industry awards and is regarded as the undisputed leader in the field of outdoor intrusion detection and tracking. DVTEL has thousands of installations protecting critical infrastructure sites including military bases, borders, nuclear facilities, airports, government buildings, railroads, highways, power plants, and more. Our video analytics are optimized to perform flawlessly with DVTEL’s Latitude NVMS and Solus VMS. It is easily configurable via its web-based GUI in minutes.

Edge-basing improves reliability

Because our video analytics are edge-based, they reduce the use of server resources and images are processed before compression, which increases image quality. The bottom line is increased detection capability and fewer false alarms under adverse light conditions. We perform best when the lights go out!

Proactive incident prevention

By defining the geographical boundaries of a protected area in advance, operators can prevent incidents that otherwise might result in loss of life or property. This proactive, event-driven video surveillance technology ensures that real-time detection, alerting and tracking of intruder or other threats will result in improved safety and security. And remember – all of that is delivered under poor lighting conditions; ioi™ performs best when needed most.

Together with DVTEL’s full range of high-definition IP cameras, encoders, decoders and management software, ioimage Intelligent Video Analytics offer customers a cutting-edge, end-to-end video surveillance system.


ioicam wdc100dn
    Multi-megapixel imager intelligent IP camera

  • Built in video analytics
  • Picture-In-Picture for synchronized analytics visualization
  • Electronic PTZ
  • Outdoor color day/night with low light capabilities
  • Self sustained edge device

ioicam sc1dn
    VGA intelligent surveillance camera

  • Built-in video analytics
  • Outdoor color day/night
  • Exceptionally low noise levels and low light performance
  • Self sustained edge device

ioimage Brochure
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