Application & Integration Center

DVTEL’s Applications and Integration Center (AIC) integrates third party products with the Latitude NVMS (Network Video Management System) to present users with a single operating platform in managing their security solutions.

“If you can dream it, we can build it” is the motto of the AIC team (formerly Professional Engineering Services – PES) and they live by their motto to deliver custom tailor-made solutions for the end-user. And quickly. The AIC team delivers in weeks, not months.

DVTEL has extensive experience in integrating with access control systems, video analytics, GIS systems, license plate recognition and perimeter systems, utilizing all types of communication protocols to connect to other systems (TCP/IP, XML, Restful API, text files and more).

Provided with your set of custom requirements, the AIC analyzes, designs and implements a solution to the user’s specification and satisfaction.

Our Latitude NVMS can also be brought into other third party applications whereby DVTEL provides a Software Development Kit (SDK), written on Microsoft’s powerful .NET Framework to enable the use of a wide array of supported technologies, providing easy integration to other systems.

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Find out more about integrations already implemented by downloading the documents below.

AIC Applications DataSheet
AIC Applications Integration List

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